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Message From The Superintendent

Traditionally, the hospital’s main aim has been focused solely on the treatment of diseases. However, in nowadays, the mission of a hospital has been extended to health promotion, disease prevention, as well as follow-ups after discharge and long-term care in an attempt to provide quality patient-centered and holistic healthcare. Furthermore, public teaching hospitals are obliged to cooperate with government’s public health policies to provide emergency and critical care services, to promote research and development, and to encourage staff training in order to benefit all citizens. All the medical care institutions supervised by the Ministry of National Defense share the responsibilities and efforts to take care of our serviceperson, veterans and their families while relieving those serving in the front line.

The Tri-Service General Hospital is such public hospital exhibiting those qualities mentioned above. Therefore, all hospital staffs need to recognize that only with tender solicitude like a parent, will lead to the highest quality care and patient satisfaction. Overall, our core values constitute of “Care, Quality, Discipline, & Innovation”. While the basic principle of management lies within discipline, it does not restrict how a person thinks but, on the contrary, allows sufficient capacity for one to explore in innovative ways. I wish to create such an environment where every staff can fulfill his or her potentials to the fullest.


About us

The Tri-Service General Hospital, originally the 801 Army General Hospital, was established in 1946, and evolved from the Taiwan Army Hospital, Fifth Logistics General Hospital, First Army, Navy, and Air Force General Hospital, and First Army General Hospital respectively. In May 1968, are organization took place and the Tri-Service General Hospital came into being; the hospital then moved from its original location at Xiao Nanmen (Little South Gate) to No. 8, Tingjhou Road Section 3, Taipei, starting a new era in military medicine. Currently, the Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) is a teaching hospital under the jurisdiction of the National Defense Medical Center that provides clinical treatment to military servicemen on active duty, patients with medical insurance, and the general public, while it also conducts training and research. For many years it has been rated by the Department of Health as a first rate teaching hospital on the level of a medical center. In order to cope with a rapidly changing medical environment and to improve and develop military medical education and operations, it was decided to centralize both in one facility in the Neihu District of Taipei under the name of National Defense Medical Center (NDMC). The move to this facility, construction of which began in January 1990 and was completed in April 2000, and which covers an area of 43 hectares, took place in November 2000.

After the move, even though the hospital faced streamlining of the army after which the number of employees (including employed civilians) totaled a mere 2,826, planning of medical resources was based on the accommodation of 1,712 beds and a demand of a daily average of 5,000 outpatients, 250 emergency patients and 2,000 inpatients. In addition, aerospace medicine, undersea medicine and nuclear radiation injury prevention were included in the scope of service.

The brand new National Defense Medical Center does not only meet the demands of the 21st century in terms of architecture and facilities, environmental protection (processing of waste water, gas and material) also conforms to the latest regulations. Administrative management of the hospital, in particular of nursing and pharmaceutical affairs, has been computerized, and in order to serve the large number of patients, each year outstanding members of the hospital’s medical team are given the opportunity to acquire the latest knowledge and skills from medical centers worldwide. At the same time, seeking to continuously improve medical treatment and keep up with the future development of the respective departments, the hospital continues to purchase modern medical equipment and has established a PET center, Women Health Center , Hemophilia Care & Research Center and Traditional Chinese Medicine Department. Thus, through improvement and modernization of hardware and software, the Tri-Service General Hospital aims to enhance the quality of medical services provided to the military, their families and civilians with medical insurance, as well as its operational proficiency.

The short-term objective of the Tri-Service General Hospital is to realize ambulatory care and problem-oriented education. In order to introduce a new system conform to Western medicine, the training of medical professionals and organization of international seminars on clinical medicine have been set as long-term goals, and it is expected that with its base in Taiwan and its view onto the world, the Tri-Service General Hospital will be able to fortify its leading position in the medical world of Taiwan and evolve into a medical center of international ranking.

With regard to medical research, the Tri-Service General Hospital is rated by Academia Sinica as one of the three largest centers for clinical medicine in Taiwan . In addition to performing research in conjunction with both local and international academic research institutes (such as the National Health Research Institute), and excelling in the field of cancer research, in recent year emphasis has been placed on the development of military medicine research. The achievements made in research are utilized in teaching and medical services, while through medical ethics education an endeavor is made to strengthen doctor-patient relationships, in recompense for the military and general public and so as to set an example for other military hospitals. With a spirit that constantly aspires self-improvement, the Tri-Service General Hospital continues to engage in and enhance medical research and medical ethics education so as to elevate the overall level of medical care. The brand new Tri-Service General Hospital that provides whole-hearted service will thus become the primary choice of the public seeking medical care.



To provide the servicemen, servicemen’s family dependants and civilians with the best medical service.


1. Becoming the top choice hospital for the public;

2. Becoming the health guardian for the community;

3. Becoming a internationally recognized medical center.


1. Promotion of holistic, community and international health.

2. Innovation of technology and development of medical characteristics.

3. Advancement of medical education and cultivation of varieties of professionals.


Medical center.


1.To provide medical center-level multi-disciplinary medical service.

2. To ensure the health of military personnel and to strengthen the power of national defense.

3. To execute the national policy.


Care, Quality, Discipline and Innovation



a)      Building a Patient-centered health care system:

u        Setting up accessible medical environment.

u        Established one-stop service windows.

u Volunteers provide counseling services for the public.

u        Medical area navigation provided by colored lines.

u        On-line information: registration and medical records application on the web, clinical progress inquiry, online pharmacopoeia, health education home pages and e-suggestions.

u        English-language translations of building signs, medical information, guidance and medical consultantation.

u        Farmer’s Bank and Post Office are available in the hospital.

u        Multiple bus lines throughout the hospital premises for easy commuting.

u        Shopping area available to meet visitor and patients’ needs.

u        Established parental washrooms in the outpatient & emergency service sections.  

u        Established the largest “ Radiation Accident Management Center ” and “Burn Center” in Taiwan .

u        Established the Nin-jin ward for hospice care, and implemented total care in four major aspects.

b)      High quality check-up and treatment services:

We have introduced “System of Surgery Ward with Fixed Foundation”, “ Electric Transfer Unit for Surgery”, “Photographing System for Surgery Teaching”, Computerized Tomography Scanner”, “Magnetic Resonance Imaging”, “ 3D Stereotactic System”, “PET/CT Scanner”, “3D Navigator System”, “Hyperbaric Chamber”, “Scintillation Gamma Camera”, “Da Vinci surgical system”, “Electric Closed Circuit Television System ECCTV”, “Percutaneous endoscopic lumbar Disectomy”, “PHILIPS Achieva 3T MRI” and  “Clinical Information System” in order to raise our medical level.

Our Honor

The relocation to Neihu has brought the Tri-Service General Hospital ’s facilities to a whole new dimension. The administrative management has been fully computerized in order to better serve the military and the public. We are greatly confident in our position to provide patients with high quality medical care and to further look after their physical and mental well-being.

To build a safer and higher quality medical environment, a quality assurance division has been set up to monitor various hospital activities. An efficient and user-friendly environment is what we have in mind. In 2004, we won several awards to include the National Quality Award, Quality of Services Award and National Bio & Medical Care Quality Award. In the future, we will keep promoting projects such as quality identification, customer satisfaction sensors, traffic service, employee suggestions and goals development by Balance Score Card are only a few to mention in our future development plan.

With high Standards being our main focus, we hope to build up an image of a high quality medical facility where when it comes to seeking medical aid, Tri-Service would come to mind first. And that is what “Our heart, Our Services!” is all about. Our teams work hard to be the nation’s health watcher, our hospital aims to keep up the international standards on the world stage, our long term goals include cycle of quality control, clinical path, ISO9001 identification, patient safety promotion and quality indicators monitoring.

We are dedicated to achieving our visions with a core value of “Care, Quality, Discipline and Innovation.”  It is the common consensus of the hospital administrators that to remain at a high standard, three areas need to be looked at closely; quality medical services, solid education & training, advanced research and development. Currently, we are moving in this direction.



Tri-Service General Hospital
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